Thursday, 1 April 2010

Trailer for my Short film Battenberg


Colliding with the dusty window of an abandoned guest-house, an unwitting bird fails to realise the curious horror lurking within.

Hidden inside, a strange dual universe awaits the accidental visitor. Amid the disorientating, skewed décor, indiscernible creatures scuttle, jars teem with dark mystery and a shadowy presence resides with ambiguous motives, ready to lure us into it’s rooms of curiosity.



Stewart Comrie developed, directed and animated Battenberg in 2009 through Digicult’s Scottish Digital Shorts programme. The film was funded by Scottish Screen and the UK Film Council in association with BBC Scotland.


Phone: 07731844498

Running Time 12 minutes


Writer/Director Stewart Comrie

Animation Stewart Comrie

Producer Anna Odell

Production Designer Stewart Comrie

Assistant Art Director Jenny Hood

Script Editor Jenny Hood

Script Development Andy Kennedy

Original Music Jamie Bolland & Raydale Dower

Editor Rachel Tunnard

Sound Design Romano Valerio at Arc


Running Time 12 minutes

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